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Best Demat & Trading Account in India

Are you looking for the best Demat and Trading account in India? Thinking about it, who is the best securities broker who offers his clients impeccable Demat services with a poor brokerage? Don’t worry; your search will probably end here. Check out our exclusive list of The Best Demat and Business Accounts in India: Comparison and Reviews.

Choose the most affordable and one of the best stock trading platforms that meet your needs. This collection includes both full-service brokers and discount brokers in India.

Historically, multi-service brokers such as ICICI, Kotak, etc. were the choice of investors, 2019 brought a paradigm shift. Discount brokers now provide a large number of services in addition to selling and buying stocks at a fraction of the cost.

So we have enough reason to believe that the year 2020 belongs to discount brokers such as Zerodha and 5paisa. Some new and emerging players such as Paytm Money will soon join this group.

Stock and brokerage – A brief introduction:

Equity trading has come a long way since the start of the stock markets in India. In the 1990s and early 2000s, local brokers were primarily used to place and execute telephone orders. They were middlemen of some brokerage firms because becoming a broker with SEBI was not that easy.

However, as technology progressed, and investment in inventory and trade became more conventional. As a result, commercial accounts have also become more traditional.

If you are a person who started or worked in the stock trade or who invested in the late 90s or early 2000s, you may have mainly traded with traditional brokerage firms such as ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, Indiabulls, etc.

These stockbrokers provide you with a trading account to invest, as well as market values. Therefore, they charged a percentage of the amount of the transaction execute and are also called full-service brokers.

When the technological revolution took over in the first decade of 2000 and market volumes increased further, the revolution also began to disrupt brokerage space. We have seen many modern technology brokers who mainly apply a fixed rate for brokerage.

Some familiar names you can hear in this field are five paise, Zerodha, Upstox (RKSV), Angel Broking, professional actions, etc. These stockbrokers charge a meagre rate and sometimes even zero in delivering the shares.

So look at the Best Trading and Demat Account Options in India Available for Indian Retail Investors. This list has specially designed for those who wish to trade or invest in the stock markets.

Kotak Securities Demat and professional report.

Difference between Demat and commercial account:

A trading account is an account used to place stock market orders. If you intend to buy stocks or work in derivatives, you must have a business account.

Now, once you’ve placed an order on the stock market and you’ve allocated shares, you need to store them somewhere, right? This place where stocks saved for you in digital format is called a Demat account. Demat is the short form of “Dematerialized Account” which means that stocks managed electronically and not in any real way.

Let’s take a look at some of the best trading and trading accounts in India. Also, know how much it costs to get one (keep in mind that we’re only looking at the equity segment here).

The Best Demat and Commercial Accounts in India: The Best Securities Brokers


Zerodha is the pioneer of online brokerage In India It is one of the largest discount brokers in India according to the number of active clients. You know Zerodha was the first to invent the discount brokerage model. He began to charge a flat rate which not based at all on the size of the business initiated.

Now let’s highlight the best part! Zerodha offers free capital investments and invoices 20 rupees for all other operations.

Ìt means that, whether you configure an operation with a value of 10K or a transaction with a value of 1 Cr, the brokerage would be the same.

Thus, this leading securities broker did not stop at a discount brokerage concert. And I went ahead to make free stock delivery. It has helped lower the barrier for retail investors in the stock market.

  • Request the Zerodha account here
  • Zerodha account opening costs:
  • transaction rate
  • Demat Rs.300 trading and account opening fees (once)
  • Maintenance of commercial accounts (AMC) Free
  • Demat Account Maintenance Fee (AMC) Rs.300


India Infoline is a multi-service broker offering a Demat account and a 2-in-1 business on its online platform It is also famous as the second-largest discount broker in India.

  • Fees for opening and maintaining the 5paisa account:
  • Opening a Demat account: Free
  • Professional account opening fees: only Rs. 650
  • Annual fees for commercial and debtor accounts after the first year: only Rs 400.

Features of 5paisa Demat and commercial account:

Transactions in all segments of BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX, OPI and mutual funds. It has distinctive features on the platform, such as Equity SIP. They have useful mobile apps for commerce.

Open a free online Demat @ 5paisa account

3. Angel Broking:

Angel Broking is one of the other popular full-service brokers in India. They also have a presence from PAN India and several sub-runners all over India. It is entirely possible if you want to place an order through an agent call rather than through the online account.

Angel Broking account opening fees:

There are no account opening fees for trading and dematerialized account opening in Angel Broking.

Brokerage Angel Broker:

The good news is that Angel Broking has also introduced an Angel iTrade plan in which flat rate intermediation will bill. So, observing the growing trend of the discount brokerage model, you mainly have two options here:

  • Flat brokerage 15: for an order size <= 5,000 and
  • Rs.30 Flat brokerage: For order> Rs.50000

Here is a small table of fees for equity trading:

Demographic and Commercial Accounts in India: List of Investment Dealers

4. HERE direct:

ICICI Direct has been the preferred choice of online brokers for centuries and generations. With an ICICI brand and a long history, ICICI direct is a trusted option for individual investors Whether investing in stocks, mutual funds, corporate bonds or anything that traded in the markets.

The account is a 3-in-1 account, i.e. a professional account, a Demat account, and the bank account that you can easily open online.

Here are the different fees for the ICICI Direct account:

ICICI direct account opening fees:

The immediate business account of ICICI can open with a flat rate of 975 rupees. It includes everything, namely trade, Demat and bank account (if desired). There is no AMC in the trading account. The opening of the dematerialized account is 100 Rs plus its AMC of 500 Rs.

Direct features of ICICI: Operates all segments in the following areas: BSE, NSE, NSE, BTST, spot trading, mutual funds, term insurance, IPO.

ICICI direct brokerage fees:

ICICI Direct offers two plans, namely, the ICICI Direct I-Secure account and the ICICI Direct I-Saver account.

ICICI Direct I-Secure:

It is a flat rate business account whose fees  calculated as follows (please note that these fees are only suitable for an occasional merchant):

Capital delivery – 0.5% flat

Intraday variable income -. 275% at a fixed price

ICICI Direct I-Saver Plan:

Capital delivery: 0.75% to 0.25% [depending on volume].

5. Sharekhan Demat & Commercial Account:

Sharekhan has been another popular and popular online broker for some time. In 2015, it acquired by the French company BNP Paribas and remained a preferred option for many investors wishing to operate on the markets.

sharekhan account opening and maintenance fees:

  • Operation and opening of a Demat account: Free
  • Demat Annual charges: Rs 400

Sharekhan Features:

All trading options: stocks, IPO, F & O, currencies, commodities. Its price structure is simpler. There is a reimbursed portion to reduce brokerage for a certain period. There are no payment gateway fees to and from the bank.

Brokerage fees in Sharekhan:

Intraday costs: 0.1% on both sides of the purchase and sale subject to a minimum of 5 countries per share.

Capital delivery costs: 0.5% on both sides of the purchase and sale subject to a minimum of 10 paise per share. For the delivery of the deal, a broker of Rs 16 per script billed for orders less than Rs 3,200.

Future stocks: 0.1% for the first leg, for the second leg: 0.02% the same day squared and 0.10% the other days.

  • Options: 100 Rs per lot or 2.5% of the premium (higher).
  • All taxes charged extra.

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