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CRED App Review

Present time life is full of hassles where lot of work has to be done and so many things to remember too. So sometimes it becomes difficult to remember the due dates and manage the payments timely. Different banks have different due dates for bill payments, and if the payment is missed then the late fees is been charged. As we all know that the late payment always affects the CIBIL score, and it becomes difficult to get a loan from the bank. To resolve this problem there is an app that makes credit card management and payments easier. This new venture is a platform called CRED.

What is CRED App?

CRED app is only for the members, it offers them exclusive rewards for paying their credit card bills. This app makes the bill payments quiet easier and rewards for timely transactions also. The app is available in beta on both Android and iOS platforms.
This Cred app is an initiative of Kunal Shah, who is the founder of FreeCharge. The aim of this app  is to make the payment of credit card bills simpler and offer reward when paying them on time. The app first checks the credit score with Cibil, CRIF and Experian by asking for the phone number. This app can only be used by the people whose credit score is 750 or higher else you will be in the waiting list.

The app scans any credit cards linked to your phone number and adds them to the app, Cred needs to be allowed to access the mail account to manage the credit cards.

Every time the payment done for the credit card helps to earn Cred Coins and each coin is equal to Rs 1. These coins can then be used to claim rewards from vendors like Ixigo and FreshMenu etc. There is the option for cashback also for the rewards earned. The Cred App keeps the details from due date reminders, spending patterns and other card usage statistics also.


It is very simple to use this CRED app you just need to download the app, and keep following the on-screen instructions to set-up. You will have to feed your phone number and authenticate using an OTP, and offer your first name and surname to access the app.

Appearance of the Cred App

The app has minimum interface, but it is functional and looks alluring. The app has white background with colorful cards. The fonts used are too nice. The animation even looks good when it fetches card details from RBI. The design is really refreshing and appealing.

Security system of the app

Company says that this app has a secure connection using 256-bit encryption to safeguard your data and transactions because you are entering all the credit card details and your email access is also given. The app can be screen locked which could be pass code, pattern, fingerprint etc.

Benefits of CRED app

Cred app has following benefits:

  • You can get the cash backs on paying bills.
  • This app keeps an eye on the spending and analysis the same.
  • Free gifts and offers are given to the person using this app.
  • Various discounts are been offered.
  • Cred app keeps the track on the credit score.

The drawback with this app is that there is no reminder function for payment due dates. There is no UPI option for making payments. There is always the scope for adding more features to the app. 

Some offers on CRED app are:

  1. iXigo flight bookings – Rs. 1000 off on using 5,000 coins
  2. Flo Mattress – Rs. 5,000 off on using 20,000 coins
  3. Swiggy – Free delivery for 3 months on using 5000 coins
  4. Urbanclab – Flat 50% off on man grooming using 25000 coins
  5. Flea Bazaar cafe – Flat 20% off on total bill using 5000 coins
  6. Cashback – Get Rs 1,000 cashback for 30 gems
  7. Flipkart – Rs 500 gift card for 20 gems

There are other kind of coupons and offers also available with the Cred App.

Who should use this app?

This app is suitable for the credit card users who are using the credit card so much and the bill payers who have so many bills to pay. It can be used by the people living in metro cities as most of the rewards are on dining out or live concerts. This Cred app is very suitable for the one who always pay credit card bill before the due date and avoid the late payments. 

The Cred app is safe to be used because it is been founded by the experienced person who is already dealing with Freecharge and has prior experience in handling millions of users so it is completely secure.

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